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Mallard Flank Feathers --Nature & Dyed Color [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
Brand:Affable fur
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This feather is ideal hackling on many Steelhead patterns. Great selection of sizes covering a broad application Good quality teal flank feathers loose bagged. Quantity pictured comes in each bag and there are typically a range of sizes in each package with plenty of large sized feathers. Teal makes excellent collars for Spey and marabou steelhead patterns and makes great Spey hackle too. One of the most widely used flank feathers for classic salmon flies. It’s fine penciling on a white background make it very distinctive.

Its uses in salmon fly patterns are numerous such as for tail veilings, wing sides either singly or married with other materials in the wing. For collars and wings on steelhead and spey patterns, it is indispensable. It can be dyed any color and used creatively. Simple strip wing flies use the longest fibers for flies such as the Crosfield and the Silver and Blue


Package :50pcs/Bag. USD10 Per 4 bag for any color . Feather Length:4cm--7cm


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