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Chinese Raccoon Skin& Zonkers For Fly Tying Fur Materials

Finnish Raccoon is a premium fur for tube fly enthusiasts. It's hair is incredibly soft and lively. The guard hairs are perfectly straight and have lots of body. The underhair makes great dubbing also. This is the best quality that you can find...imported from Finland.
Hair sold here on Zonker style strips.....cut right off of the hide and tie it in. (These are not usually used as true Zonker Strips).
Good colors such as:Black,Chartreuse,Grey ,Baby blue,Olive,Purple,White,Salmon pink,Brown,Grey ,Pink ,Red ,Yellow etc.

Raccoon Zonker
1 (1/2 inch )
2(1/4 inch )
Raccoon 1
Raccoon 2
Raccoon 3
Raccoon 4
Raccoon 5
Raccoon 6
Raccoon 7
Raccoon 8
Raccoon 9
Raccoon 10
Raccoon 11
Raccoon 12
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