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Fox Hair

Fly Tying Fur

Fly Tying Feather

Temple Dog Hair

Rabbit Zonker Strips

Raccoon(Tanuki) Hair

Chinese Cock Feather

American Opossum Hair

Chinese Cashmere Goat Hair

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1 How to register as a member:

Upper right corner on the site "registration" or below "join us"

Go to the registration page.

Fill in the user name, password, confirm the password, Email.

Recommended to fill in the security question and secret answer and two, you will use the password to retrieve it.

Finally, it was agreed that the registration agreement.

Submission was successful.

Successfully registered mail and immediately sent to your registered email this message safekeeping for future reference.

Sure to continue to fill in your contact information, it will automatically referenced in your orders.

So at not continue to fill in your contact information in your orders, the system will ask you to fill out the shipping address. please noted: if you want pay via paypal, please make sure the address is same as the one you leave on the paypal, if different address, we will ship according your address on paypal .

Add your Contact:

Login to the top left of the "personal center"

Please make sure your contact name, address and telephone a real and effective, it is your safety and protection of receipt of the goods quickly.

2 start shopping

Point home began to see the products.

Point shopping guide bar on the left side can browse Categories

Input commodity keywords in the search bar, point GO or Enter key, search-related merchandise.

The point of a single commodity picture to enter the commodity-independent page.

Head of the small key point color drop-down menu, pick a color.

Head of the small key point size drop-down menu appears, select the size.

This product in different sizes or different colors have different price when you make different choices, the price will change accordingly.

Purchase of a commodity, point of purchase, or Add to Cart. The point of purchase, the system jumps to

your order details page, orders will be displayed below your contact information, such as your registration

does not complement Contact here will ask you to write. If you are in the registration, fill in the Contact

automatically reference Contact your input, if your contact information changes, please here to fill out a new

Contact, or go into the personal center update Contact.

If you need to buy a piece of the variety of color, the same color and size, quantity you need only write

digital can write in the number of column. Such as color and size, select, color, size, quantity, one by one,

and then "Add to cart" and then continue to choose the color, size, quantity, then add to cart, and so on, until

you have finished selecting. Cart will accumulate your commodity options. But also in the shopping cart you

can then modify the quantity or delete merchandise. The following refresh Cart button, click the refresh, the

order is modified.

3. Submit Order
4. Payment.

More than seven days, the order shall automatically lapse.

5. Check your order.

Use your username and password to log on to, enter my order View. Here you can

view the status of all your past orders. Include payment status, shipping status.

6. Quick tracking

Click on the left side of the lower part, Showme News, Shipping List.

We posted here the latest shipped to believe in yourself, you can click on the corresponding entry with

order number, enter view shipping information.

7. Feedback

Please be sure to confirm receipt, packaging intact.

Please be sure to send the presence of member of the surface on the pieces, if any damage to the

goods occurred, accessories lost, when the face of the delivery staff, taking pictures, stay permit, and

request delivery staff if the packaging is damaged phenomenon stay certificate file signed.

8. Feedback and evaluation

If you are satisfied with the goods received, hit 5 heart in the corresponding goods. And willing to please

leave a text comment, buyers for later reference.

9. Returns.

If you are not satisfied with the goods received to be returned, please refer to the "Returns Terms.

Web Statistic
Web Statistic
About US
About & Contact US
Payment Model
Packaging & Shipping
Packaging & shipping
OEM & Our Advantages
User Guide
User Guide

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