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Raccoon skin----Dyed color with black tip [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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Raccoon hair is extremely soft and lively (almost airy). It has a longer length than other similar hairs like Artic Fox. This makes it a great material for tying "souped up" Clouser minnows, striper flies, and bonefish flies. It is also a great material for tying trout streamers and the hair can be substituted in place of bucktail, marabou, and craft fur with ease. An added benefit of the material is that the under fur is fine and soft and can be used for dubbing.


Available Colours:
Chartreuse 2. Orange 3. Brilliant Purple 4. Cherry Red 5. Black 6. Dark brown 7. Tan 8. Cherise 9. Royal Blue 10. Cyan Blue 11. Purple 12. Yellow 13. Hot Orange 14. Golden Olive 15. Fuschia 16.Light Grey 17.Dark Grey 18.Red 19.Claret 20.Nature white 21.Nature Brown 22.Nature Dark Brown

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